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4-Pc Gold Patina Vendome Bedroom Set By Acme Furniture

Tracing back to the classical Baroque era, expressed with intent and conviction, our new interpretation of Vendome is donned in a crackled gold patina finish richly accented with gold leaf brushed onto each piece by hand. Exuding opulence with intensity, this dramatic and passionate design is crafted through a labor intensive process where layer upon layer of prescribed finishes are applied on each piece of furniture resulting in the rich and complex sheen presented before you.

Includes:Bed-Dresser-Mirror and Nightstand

22994CK  , 76”H B

22997EK  , 76”H C

23000Q  s, 71”H D

23003  NIGHTSTAND, 34” x 20” x 31”H E  23004

MIRROR, 47” x 45”H F     23005

DRESSER, 71” x 21” x 38”H G


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